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Finplan originally started back in the late 80's as a software development company. We developed one of the first pieces of software dedicated to retirement planning.

This software is now available on line on this site. We've expanded beyond our original software and tool development and have begun to create an expanded section on investing and investment planning.

Right as the market meltdown started in '07-'08, the person behind the new version of FinPlan became the SVP of Operations at TheStreet where he had P&L responsibility for 2 of the divisions of the company. One of the divisions was TheStreet Ratings. TheStreet Ratings did exactly that - we rated things, mainly stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds. Our stock selection model won 5 consecutive awards from ConvergEx with one of those being the Best Stock Selection model. The performance of the Ratings models always exceeded the S&P 500 indexes, largely because we looked to make money on stocks as they moved up, as well as when they moved down.

In our expanded Investing section, we will be taking a lot of what we did at TheStreet and applying things to make it so individual investors can become better aware of what is being said about investing (by the Talking Heads - not the band) and to apply this information to your investing.

We understand that the greater majority of people do not follow the markets every day, you don't day trade and most importantly, you don't have the resources that make it easy for you to buy 100 shares of Berkshire Hathoway at the drop of a hat. [Please note, as of 10/21/2016, BRK.A was trading at $215,600 per share, so 100 shares would cost you $21.6 million.]

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FinPlan was founded back in the early 1990s as a software development company, where we created personal financial planning software. Our work there naturally led to the web and 4 different redesigns later, here we are.