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Welcome to the OutdoorPhotoGuide Learning section.
Over the past year I've been creating photography content for my day job, but since i'd like to retain my intellectual property, I've decided to enhance this section of my site and benefit myself.

Choose from one of the sections below. You can learn how to move from taking snapshots to taking photographs, learn about the latest photography technology or just enhance your knowledge about a photo topic.

We will be putting together a photo base of the great outdoor photography destinations, with your help. More on this coming in April '05

Beginner Topics
Learn the basics of photography and camera basics
  Intermediate Topics
Make yourself a better photographer.
Advanced Topics
For the non-technically challenged
Outdoor Photography Gallery
Samples of photography (hopefully my last s/w change).
Online Photo Resources
Learn about web and software resources for photography, resources and services
Outdoor Photography Blog
My blog covering whatever outdoor photography topics I feel like covering.
Photography Books
Reviews of todays [and yesterdays] photography books
Outdoor Locations Database
Please note: The reconstruction process will take a little bit of time to complete. I'll be working on this as fast as I can so that all of the site is relatively consistent with itself. I've also accumulated quite a bit of additional content for the military/history section as well as the photography and camera section. learn more