Financial Tools & Calculators

Stock Options-this isn't a tool, this is a summary of tax implications


Portfolio Analysis Tools
   Sharpe Index
   Jensens Alpha

   401(k) calculator
   After-tax investment comparison
   Amortization Schedule
   Current Yield of a Bond
   Bond Duration
   Bond Price Calculation
   CAPM-Std. Deviation
   Dividend Growth Model
   Holding Period Return
   Keough Calculator
   Mutual Fund Projector
   Mortgage Refinance
   Mortgage Downpayment Calculator
   Car Lease Analysis
   Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA
   Short-Term tax rate vs. Long-Term Tax Rate - should you sell that stock now and take the short-term tax rate, or should you wait until the long-term tax rate kicks in??

   Family Retirement Planner (1,564 KB)
   Financial Toolkit (833 KB)

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